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The Devils Rejects
Evil Dead
Jason-Friday the 13th
Movie Monsters
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Walking Dead
Walking Dead - Daryl
Walking Dead - Sophia
Hellraiser - Pinhead
Resident Evil
Resident Evil #2
True Blood
True Blood #2
Underworld #2
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Lost Boys
Freddy Krueger
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See No Evil
Shaun of the Dead
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Walking Dead - Michonne
Walking Dead -
Rick / The Govenor
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They Live
The Walking Dead - season 4
Walking Dead - Michonne #2
Walking Dead - Dixon Bros
Walking Dead - Carl
Walking Dead - Hershel
Planet Terror
Chainsaw Sally
The Thing
Trick or Treat
The Shining
Devil's Rejects (autographed)
Friday the 13th  #2
Movie Monsters #2
Phantasm (color)
Hellraiser - Pinhead
The Shining #2
Walking Dead
Daryl cover
Walking Dead
Rick cover
Walking Dead
Zombie cover
The Maniacs
Bruce Campbell
Texas Chainsaw 2
Resident Evil Jill
Walking Dead: Carl 2
Movie Monsters #3
Vincent Price
Friday the 13the part 1
Friday the 13th part 2