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2015 Shows

My name is Jim Demick, I am a freelance artist out of Downriver Michigan. I specializes in black/gray pencil portraits. From celebrities to superheroes, musicians to animals… I have a wide range of artwork. I have worked with the likes of Gary Reed and I have also done freelance work for Sarah Jezebel Deva on her first solo album, A Sign of Sublime and have had my work featured in Jeff Belanger’s book Our Haunted Lives.  I am currently doing cover art for an up-coming project with H!M.

The Walking Dead - Hershel
coming soon...
Planet of the Apes
New DEADWORLD Zombie soda coming to stores near you. There are 12 different flavors.
I did the artwork for this flavor,
"GEEK JUICE", vanilla cream soda.
New Rocky Horror trade book.

This book is in full color written by Gary Reed...featuring some of my artworkxt.
New HorrorHound magazine #49

This magazine features some of my artwork
along with The Walking Dead and other horror
like items.
Dirty Harry