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2014 Shows
*Allen Park Street Fair: Aug 1-2. 2014
  Allen Park, MI
  (on Allen rd. west of Southfield rd.)

My name is Jim Demick, I am a freelance artist out of Downriver Michigan. I specializes in black/gray pencil portraits. From celebrities to superheroes, musicians to animals… I have a wide range of artwork. I have worked with the likes of Gary Reed and I have also done freelance work for Sarah Jezebel Deva on her first solo album, A Sign of Sublime and have had my work featured in Jeff Belanger’s book Our Haunted Lives.  I am currently doing cover art for an up-coming project with H!M.

The Walking Dead - season 4
Ronda Rousey
Walking Dead - Michonne #2
More coming soon...
The Devil's Rejects
(autographed by Sid Hag and Bill Moseley)
Bob Marley
Planet of the Apes